Artists statement

Artists statement

I am fascinated by the properties of glass as a specialist material; it holds light inside itself, it has a surface reflection, an internal image, colour, texture, it has a footprint and leaves a shadow.

I create contemporary sculptural and functional pieces from glass.

Techniques that I explore include;

  • torchworked borosilicate glass,
  • decorative glass by gilding, photo resist engraving on flat glass & crystalware,
  • kilnwork including painting, fusing and slumping,
  • precious metals and lusters are incorporated in the work.

I am constantly exploring more complex and creative work in this medium and my passion is torchworked borosilicate glass.

Within contemporary interiors, glass continues as both an outstandingly decorative and functional material and I want my work to compliment that.

I am fortunate being able to express myself through such a beautiful medium as glass and I acknowledge my responsibility to make credible objects that will survive thousands of years and still be appreciated.

Thank you for looking at my work.

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